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hey all... im a mac user and i was wondering that if us mac users can get scripts..cuz in order to g...

12th June 2003 12:06

z3r0_c001 is same person as F!R3 St@Rt3r hehehehe...i personally like the z3r0_c001 name better...

21st July 2003 15:07

how do u apply that gore to the players face?????

30th July 2003 12:07

once i get my new comp i may be able to help u..ill add u

30th July 2003 05:07

how do u back it up???

30th July 2003 05:07

i had that prob once..i think it was a mod i downloaded...just take any recently dled files out..tha...

26th July 2003 09:07

how can anyone say that the m590 shotgun is noobie..i really dont understand this

24th July 2003 20:07

hey all..i was wondering..once u take ur do u watch them??? at first i couldnt find them...

24th July 2003 19:07

yeah u can fire like this..its quite funny...LoL

23rd July 2003 04:07

hey gimpy..i can do it for u..but right now im working on suttin else like i told u before..once im...

23rd July 2003 04:07

hey guys...i was fooling around with some skinning and i finished up an m4 really know jus...

22nd July 2003 01:07

hey dude i was just come when you go down to add a comment to a file...on the rules...

21st July 2003 14:07

i suck at skinning..but im learning..right now my photoshop is gone..have to dl it again

21st July 2003 14:07

how could a map increase someones gaming abilities?

19th July 2003 11:07

restart ur comp..usually that fixes minor problems like that...if that doesnt work id just reinstall...

18th July 2003 09:07

1.03 patch

18th July 2003 07:07

hey does anyone know whre the arm like to skin it and im not sure where it is found...thx

17th July 2003 21:07

u dont put it in ur base put it in your main sof2 next to your base fold...

17th July 2003 16:07

put it in ur base/mp folder..proly knew that though...LoL

17th July 2003 16:07

yeah ur trying to create a server out of the create server button on the main screen arent u?? LoL...

16th July 2003 11:07

ok_ _________________________________ [color=red]** EDIT **[/color] [color=lightblue]PleaseDO NOT s...

16th July 2003 09:07

maually update it without the pbweb.... might help

14th July 2003 09:07

please speak in a form of language we can understand next time cuz i have no idea what u said or wha...

24th April 2004 08:04

when u installed u probably didnt update to gold version 1.03...ur probably still on 1.01 patch...ju...

30th November 2003 07:11

yeah i did the same thing...hahah i felt dumb too...dont feel dumb

27th August 2003 04:08