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Cogxim Technologies Pvt LtdĀ - A software development company in Jaipur, India. We have a team of young and brilliant developers known for innovation and leadership. With the decades of work and consistency, we have designed and installed many software. We have a team of techno savvy person who comprehends the minute details of client's project and comes up with best possible ideas for them. Whatever task we undertake we accomplish it within given time frame which reflects our credibility.

We are known for making integrated and fully functional software such as

  1. Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  2. Automobile Management
  3. Financial management system
  4. Payroll Accounting Software
  5. Petrol Pump Software

Form last few years Cogxim Technologies has emerged most top rated Software Development Company in India. We also provide 24*7 Offshore IT support to our clients.

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