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They would find out at some point and that could crash the whole thing...

14th October 2006 17:10

not thet i know of, they are mainly rts with things like DoW and Homeworld, black isle do pretty goo...

14th October 2006 17:10

Where can i get the mod demo?

12th October 2006 16:10

cool, that new pic looks alot better

12th October 2006 02:10

me too, it is lame that they get it before us but we are the better offenc to any ameri...

12th October 2006 02:10


11th October 2006 23:10

i meant for badges, so you can have crosses or circles, not just a 64x64 square

11th October 2006 03:10

That kinda confused me, can someone please post up a screenshot from photoshop with the save screen...

9th October 2006 21:10

I found an Eldar Incubi, I think, at school and swapped it for a Commisar with a friend and now I go...

17th October 2006 01:10

right, pixel size is 64x64 for badges and 64x96 for banners

7th October 2006 17:10

I heard that for a banner to have transparency it must be saved as a 32bit targa with an alpha chann...

7th October 2006 01:10

This thread is invalid as 50thRF hs been renamed to -SOE-

1st October 2006 16:10

what is the right pixel size?

30th September 2006 23:09

-SOE- (Special Operations Executive) are currently recruiting skilled gamers. We are a Tactical Rea...

29th September 2006 00:09

Was it an option, no, so don't be clever......

29th September 2006 00:09

The 50th Regiment of Foot are recruiting skilled CoD 2 players! We are a Tactical Realism clan wit...

24th September 2006 20:09

With all the spikes and stuff, i realy doubt it is an imperial vehicle but meh.

22nd September 2006 21:09

Ok, cheers

21st September 2006 15:09

I think it is a great idea, copy it into word and spell check it first, i picked up a few mistakes,...

16th October 2006 21:10

cheers, the vehicles sound cool

17th October 2006 02:10

or you could try using msn, not sure how that would turn out but it might work, tell me if it does

23rd October 2006 18:10

yes, you need to log into a server, and then you can talk to the people in your channel (a sub-room...

22nd October 2006 21:10

A new question, who wrote the Horus Heresy books and what order shall I read them in?

23rd October 2006 18:10

I did latin for 3 years and that looks wrong, i cant say which bit but i think something is, infinit...

23rd October 2006 18:10

No problem, i've posted it up in my CoD2 clan forums coz we have a few people who understand thet so...

23rd October 2006 16:10