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This is not the kind of thing to be talking about. Illegal software discussion is grounds for banni...

13th October 2005 15:10

Pethegreat™Lol, stakler net. I am planning to go to penn state for engineering. What did you major...

13th October 2005 15:10

I would have to agree with everyone else. Build it yourself. I like knowing exactly what was put i...

13th October 2005 13:10

Yeah, I'm on the facebook. We used to tall it "Stalkernet 2.0" at Penn State. You can find out any...

13th October 2005 07:10

All I can say is wow ... are the churches really pushing for attendance that bad?

13th October 2005 07:10

you scare me smitty

11th October 2005 06:10

SMC21Well guess what donitz, beat this! ROFL Hamburgers are good :)

11th October 2005 06:10

Phoenix_22Oh god...don't remind me... *shudders* too many tubgirls and goatses...:'(;r i agree on t...

11th October 2005 06:10

lol @ nyquil

11th October 2005 06:10

I used norton internet security in college, it worked like a charm! Now I use the built in firewall...

11th October 2005 05:10

I like the plasma and firmament ones. Not a big fan of the tren_z, but style_1 kind of reminds me of...

14th October 2005 23:10

Großadmiral Dönitz"Damn it is that you mentioned that or else I could easilly have been fooled" OK,...

11th October 2005 03:10

I swear I didn't do it ... I'm not that good with PS but I'm not THAT bad!

17th October 2005 12:10

Hey hey! Welcome to the forums. Make sure you check out the Jedi Academy forums here. Enjoy your...

18th October 2005 13:10

RevenHow about Luxembourg? They're small and insignificant. Or Monaco. Monaco'd probably be too exp...

18th October 2005 12:10

Lord WienerDude, you're an orange frog ??? :D lol :) never thought of it that way

18th October 2005 12:10

Kavanihere's my real pic. The one I posted before is off my friend.

18th October 2005 11:10

You should submit those to the EFFiles links list: :)

17th October 2005 13:10

This reminds me how much I really need to learn PS better ...

16th October 2005 18:10

Sweet ... what a great way to pass the time!

15th October 2005 10:10

Großadmiral DönitzDamn, It is that you mentioned or else... i'm confused ...

10th October 2005 12:10

Well that's one I've never seen before. Interesting indeed.

5th August 2005 01:08

Giz. Why? Just because.

11th August 2005 19:08

FileTrekkerHad there not been Terrorist attacks recently nobody would have mistaken a whoopie cussio...

4th August 2005 21:08

Welcome! Everyone has already told you what you need to know, so I'll tell you to make sure you rea...

4th August 2005 03:08