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ok i just got this game, im on like the second mission.. i was told to clear the left, center, and r...

26th December 2004 19:12

it says there all enabled though... wierd

10th October 2005 17:10

[HTML][/HTML] oops see if this works EDIT... i guess you cant upload GIF files here?

30th September 2005 23:09

and how do you do that?:rolleyes:

1st October 2005 13:10

ahhhh wtf

1st October 2005 16:10 theres a link to it

1st October 2005 16:10

i had to do a system restore... i have an ipod with all my music on it... how do take that music fro...

2nd October 2005 18:10

yes but i have nothing in my library... all there is are my songs from my ipod amnd there not even c...

2nd October 2005 19:10

ok after step 4... a new hidden folder has appeared on your ipod.. click it? i cant find a new hidde...

3rd October 2005 01:10

yepp thanks

3rd October 2005 03:10

I have adobe photoshop CS2 and my text in messed up i think.... when i go to use the test tool the f...

3rd October 2005 15:10

thats what i did... the text is just really really tiny even at 1200 pt.. the layer is not locked

3rd October 2005 15:10

all of them

3rd October 2005 16:10

its a trial version

3rd October 2005 16:10

yes i think its just a setting.... anybody at all know the setting? its really starting to tick me o...

3rd October 2005 18:10

i had a bad spyware deal and got rid of it all luckily but now when i open internet explorer my hom...

10th October 2005 17:10

i have firefox.... my friend had sent me IE7 and i really dont like it with all the bugs... so i dow...

10th October 2005 17:10

wow i really messed up posting those pictures sorry...

29th September 2005 00:09

30th October 2005 22:10

i just got halflife2.... how the hell u play online!!!! i have steam and when it shows all my server...

12th November 2005 03:11

i bought the the game today and get the exact same error!

11th November 2005 23:11

cough up the cash.. Sony Vegas 6.0

6th November 2005 16:11

thanks for all the feedback!:D and PB2AU... ive had cs2 for awhile i just use it for different thing...

1st November 2005 04:11

photoshop cs2.... just a grunge background and threw in the pic and some text and text effects.. ver...

31st October 2005 00:10

i didnt make that

30th October 2005 23:10