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please post some ingame 1st person shots from 0.6 cause i wanna know if its worth downloading (m1 ca...

9th March 2004 22:03

oh yeah the SVT40 is the best

4th May 2004 04:05

i think its for call of duty but i dont no were to find it!

10th May 2004 21:05

it looks really pixilated to me....... and like a painting !

9th May 2004 00:05

oh yeah OT sorry guys....that winc70 is my best gun in veitcong!

9th May 2004 00:05

post pics of your gun/guns if you own one. i dont have one but i know some of you guys do....

8th May 2004 23:05

i think arty would be cool if secondary fire in arty brings up a map and then you could move a curso...

8th May 2004 23:05

guns that need new reload sounds are...... carbine!!!!!! SVT40 cant rememer others............

8th May 2004 23:05

well you still got SP mode .............

5th May 2004 03:05

i would love to see a challenger VS a abram that would be close but i favor the challenger

4th May 2004 19:05

yreah there not and i cant skin but there are big diferences in model and skin qaulity take the TT33...

4th May 2004 18:05

eebeusWho Did the King Tiger and that ship.. same person? I noticed lots of skins are inconsistant...

4th May 2004 18:05

i live about five mins from Chobam i live in surrey

4th May 2004 04:05

the carbine IMO looks really small but it looks good when being reloaded

4th May 2004 03:05

oh crap sorry all im talking FH cause i jsut regisstard and got directed here ......thought it was a...

9th March 2004 22:03

i personally think that the springfield 03 is a good model and great skin or the anti-tank gun on cr...

4th May 2004 03:05

no hat i mean is that a normal GI espicailly one that hadnt got much training such as one stationed...

3rd May 2004 03:05

i think the recoil for rifles shouldnt just be a kick upwards it should kick to the sides randomly a...

2nd May 2004 22:05

ok thanx guys but i redownloaded the whole thing and now it works fine .finally btw i really thoght...

2nd May 2004 21:05

last night i spent hours D/L the FH. i had already got rid of 0.5 so i got 0.6 1of2 installed and th...

2nd May 2004 15:05

is this a SP full install or do i need a previous realese of FHX?

1st May 2004 22:05

cool thanks. so do u have that SP patch thing? or did you?

13th March 2004 03:03

all i want to do is play FH sp (ive got a sp unofficial patch btw) do i need FH 1 of 2and FH 2 of 2...

13th March 2004 02:03

well??? any plans on a SP patch??

10th March 2004 07:03

holy crap ! they are good models ............. thing is is that i play sp a hell of alot because tr...

10th March 2004 07:03
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