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i have a special suprise for you guys! it will be ready soon!

15th December 2007 02:12

just finished the clone "beehive" helmet

10th December 2007 04:12

i wll have bacara,republic commando, and the AT-RT driver helmet

10th December 2007 04:12

commander bly and commander deviss are completed

10th December 2007 00:12

u guys can say all u want about sayin this wont get off the ground cuz i wont care at all. all i hav...

9th December 2007 21:12

post screenies of the helmets....... you will have to wait for now besides i dont have a usb cable...

9th December 2007 18:12

i have finished modeling the following helmets for the clones * PHASE I HELMET * PHASE II HELMET *...

9th December 2007 06:12

wats sketch up

9th December 2007 02:12

but what if i send someone the phase 1 helemt for example and they replace the stormy one with it wi...

14th December 2007 06:12

oh fudge-bars u ruined the surpise lol j/k dude...i only do that for the ladies and besides if...

15th December 2007 05:12

personaly i choose space cuz who doesnt like the empire crushin some rebel skulls in space heh am i...

14th January 2008 15:01

awsome it works

9th January 2008 03:01

it would save ya a ton of time to get more important things done. besides aint A6s the same thing...

14th January 2008 09:01

u dont have to remodel to make an a6 just rekin the model so the sides of the vehicle with big lett...

13th January 2008 01:01

i think u posted this on the wrong area dude

13th January 2008 01:01

hell yeah! no zann! there cool its just that they are a bit overpowered can't want for the new uni...

12th January 2008 08:01

dude i got dial up connection its goin to take years for it to download! where do i check if im mi...

11th January 2008 22:01

i downloaded Z3ROX's mod 2.1 and everytime i build a providence class crusier it gets it built but w...

11th January 2008 10:01

r u cereal! u have better things than i and yr laggin' u probly got to many programs on yr computer

9th January 2008 22:01

ok i already messed with the code but where do i find the files for indigi buildings i want to make...

9th January 2008 00:01

so wat u are saying is u are going to kill off yr mod?

26th December 2007 10:12

where do u go to change how many units can protect your planet during an invasion for example a la...

8th January 2008 01:01

i dont think they made a mod with more jed i but i could be wrong...or can i? hmmm...

4th January 2008 17:01

heh its for the side that has the defilers but bad if u are going against them u will be losing plan...

1st January 2008 22:01

thats a badass ship u got there dude love the canons

1st January 2008 08:01