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I've read the article on Softpedia and, well, first thing that came to mind was pretty much this: ht...

10th March 2018 23:03

Thank you, but the link doesn't seem to work here, no image displays :/

24th September 2008 17:09

Thanks :]

24th September 2008 20:09

I just don't :lookaround:

24th September 2008 22:09

... looking at some kendo practicing guy ?

25th September 2008 02:09

Actually, there will not be a DirectX 10 for XP, or at least not an official release from MicroSoft,...

26th September 2008 12:09

Count_Chocu1a;4599858[...] The people who say they are downloading it to try it before they buy it a...

26th September 2008 18:09

Shashi-Chan;4600853My new background, wow, look, no blood or gore Spoiler: Show [/quote] Nice one...

27th September 2008 15:09

Thanks :]

27th September 2008 16:09

Hi there :) Take a rendez-vous with MFB by using the M key, cycling through the MFB points on the m...

24th September 2008 12:09

Serio;4602585For once, there's two. A scaled down one(for those with a monitor under 18" or slow int...

28th September 2008 14:09

I wouldn't start worrying until it reaches like 60 or 65°C... that is, around 140 / 150°F

28th September 2008 18:09

Well yeah, you could even have more, for example : 1 for power supply 1 for CPU 1 for GPU 1 or 2 for...

29th September 2008 00:09

And in case that wouldn't work, this should help.

29th September 2008 05:09

Serio;4604188Really? What's the actual use of putting it in spoiler tags then?Taking less visual roo...

29th September 2008 05:09

Well, does the DirectX 9 Direct3D test succeed or fail in dxdiag ? :hmm:

29th September 2008 14:09

Hellow there ^^ Which is your motherboard ?

29th September 2008 17:09

You're welcome :] ( I loved that game :D )

24th September 2008 17:09

That quote in the first post is just total crap...

23rd September 2008 12:09

Nice background, Stalwart ^^ Could you please post a link to the clean version (and if possible a hi...

23rd September 2008 23:09

Asheekay;4574034Which question do you not understand?The one just above my previous post ^^'

14th September 2008 14:09

Babeman;4577022Also quick question, would a Pentium dual core 2.66ghz operate just as fast as a Core...

15th September 2008 18:09

Oh hi there :p New desktop wallpaper at work. So here are the pic and original clean wall (which is...

16th September 2008 17:09

Title ^^ However I entered this one in particular because I saw there was a poll, which seemed quite...

16th September 2008 21:09

Dr. Awesome;4576519Edit: Your Other avatar was better :pI second that ^^ But I don't understand much...

16th September 2008 21:09