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thank you for your help ill have a look

4th July 2005 19:07

Inyri ForgeWell of course there's a difference between mentioning/expressing and imposing. I'm all f...

24th April 2005 10:04

um we can meet on the Ejk severs some time, i run through a d link so i cant host, not YET anyway

24th April 2005 10:04

Trauma SenseiA "honor" server is not like a warzone, because you have to behave in a certain way, so...

25th April 2005 16:04


30th May 2005 14:05

how do i make my own textures then put them into gtk radiant?

4th July 2005 17:07

i still cant figure it out can you give me a few more clues/hints. see no one would ever make maps f...

5th July 2005 06:07

nope, but just on another subject i met one of ur clan members online and he seemed like a nice pers...

15th April 2005 17:04

if you want that binded go to ur console and type /bind (what ever letter you want) say (then what y...

5th July 2005 06:07;3944435;;/fileinfo.html

17th July 2005 13:07

this map is cool

23rd July 2005 16:07

AmidalaNot really. ForceMod III and Movie Battles II put JA+ down to no better than third place. It...

11th June 2006 20:06

do you wanted Pwn noobs? Do you want to be a supreme pro at ja? Do you want to kill those noobs wh...

11th June 2006 21:06

dont tell me people r still anti japlus ja plus is great and it totaly pwnz, it just adds skills to...

12th June 2006 07:06

Kouen:giggle: :lol: :rofl: Stfu noob

12th June 2006 07:06

Inyri Forge*sigh* Such a shame... People should be able to play the way they like to, without having...

24th April 2005 10:04

BenZBits not really a pointless word because without it people would have to whine about it with muc...

15th April 2005 17:04

can't map yet

24th March 2005 07:03

(FC) which is the Force Council needs more members and We REALY need people who can map but even i...

20th March 2005 15:03

Guys can someone make me a map if you are up to making this map for me it should have the following:...

20th March 2005 15:03

Almighty_gir hope i didnt dissobey any rules and...

20th March 2005 16:03

and the person who makes this map will get a special thanks on the website and an offer to join (FC)

20th March 2005 16:03

Hey Dude, i have one word for ya "Decaf"

21st March 2005 13:03

Someone just make an unlimited force mod pk3 file for Multiplayer PLz

22nd March 2005 13:03

pyrofox-Merc-Greetingz! i am a mercenary at the moment looking for work. My Job description can be f...

24th March 2005 07:03
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