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'[1eLk|NLSgt.De Jong']secret weapons of WWII lol

15th April 2004 12:04

[QUOTE=Eglaerinion]Just read about Resistance and Liberation, it's a ww2 realism mod for HL2 and it...

15th April 2004 12:04

Damn, I was gonna post it, but BAM beat me to it.:( Oh well, maybe next time.. For those of you w...

16th April 2004 14:04

Oberst Topgunlook at the printings of ur power supply (u have to open ur tower). tower? where is th...

16th April 2004 14:04

Real sweet poem, Uther. nice.:) @Generaly Taskeen: That is some poem! The poor old guy.. Is that...

26th April 2004 13:04

Thanks Uther, but I was asking about General Taskeen's poem. lol.

26th April 2004 17:04

BobDoleSweet pics Cool think we need more lol Roger that. I think I'll stop now.

11th April 2004 11:04

Another satisfied customer.;) Welcome to FH.:cool:

3rd May 2004 10:05

What is this convention anyway? And I think that most medics die in any war anyway. Aside from being...

1st May 2004 09:05

Hey guys, I dunno if this has been posted and yes, I used the search key;) but I haven't found any...

1st May 2004 19:05

Ohh, isn't that what russian conscripts where, ala CoD/Enemy at the Gates? I think what would really...

1st May 2004 19:05

Thanks mate, I'm gonna try it!:)

2nd May 2004 07:05

Guys, you can't say that 'our troops didn't do anything, 'cuz in war, both sides commit atrocities t...

2nd May 2004 08:05

sweet, now we get to see updates regularly.

2nd May 2004 11:05


2nd May 2004 12:05

Okay, I'm gonna buy a new comp (uhh.. yay?:rolleyes: ) but I want to know the differences of Windows...

2nd May 2004 18:05

When walking, the crosshair is just ridiculousy. I know you can't use it as an assault rifle, but Je...

2nd May 2004 18:05

hmm, thanks a lot people, but you guys seem to have different opinions, which gives me a hard time c...

3rd May 2004 09:05

This thread is starting to get gay. Die.:smack:

3rd May 2004 10:05

hmm, that's weird, the edit button's missing.:confused: Anyway, what is DX? and yeah, i just fig...

3rd May 2004 10:05

hmm, how many mappers are there in the team anyway?

30th April 2004 17:04


3rd May 2004 10:05

nice job guys.

3rd May 2004 10:05

@ManiK: yeah, iwo jima was actually a lot bigger than that IRL. hell, ALL of the maps are way small...

3rd May 2004 11:05

yeah, when you pick up an enemy kit, you should keep your helmet, soldeirs don't do that in real lif...

3rd May 2004 11:05