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28th June 2006 16:06

Ands for that comment, Dipship, you shall be splanked the most.

29th June 2006 15:06

It's a mix between a splooge and a spank. Therefore, your anus is in severe pain while you are sploo...

29th June 2006 15:06

*Splanks lmhr05*

29th June 2006 05:06

I splanks all over this thread! *Splanks Darth_captainpuplepants* *Splanks Dipship* *Splanks Assimul...

29th June 2006 00:06

*gets down on his knees* Please, PLEASE don't let the girls in my picture ever see that picture in t...

29th June 2006 00:06

Boom boom Bomb bomb boom boom boom.

29th June 2006 00:06

I sleep. I sleep gooooood. I slept so good one time, I woke up with enough energy to take on the Wor...

21st June 2006 21:06

You're not the first

21st June 2006 19:06

[COLOR=maroon]Well, it started out with me in this lavish hotel in like Bend or somewhere. Anyways,...

1st July 2006 15:07

Guess who's back? Jack is back. Back in black, With a sack, Here comes Jack. *Drum solo* Here he...

31st May 2006 23:05

I once had a piece of pizza and had an orgasm over it. I like pizza the most.

12th June 2006 00:06

Le Queblefeur

7th June 2006 13:06

I play with dil...I mean fonts! I meant fonts!

2nd June 2006 03:06

WOOBITY WOOBITY WOOB! This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again...

1st June 2006 03:06

I can't do taht anymore, though.

1st June 2006 03:06

I sing crazy songs at little childrens birthday parties! People get scared....

1st June 2006 03:06

And the winner default....out of the remaining contestants....of the only minority in the au...

31st May 2006 00:05

We were owning Spam with spam

12th June 2006 20:06

You know, I never even thought of posting a video. If someone had the answer, I'd be very pleased.

30th May 2006 01:05

Fo sho

30th May 2006 01:05

I absolutely LOVE Gonads and Strife! I follow it's teachings theroughly! How else did I wind-up here...

22nd May 2006 05:05

Close enough. But I'm keeping the roll.

22nd May 2006 02:05

Ran away, huh? Well you would've been right! Two WAS the answer! And since you ran away before I cou...

22nd May 2006 02:05

Is that your final answer?

22nd May 2006 02:05