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Camo is important no matter what you are doing... you could be skipping along picking flower for all...

3rd December 2007 20:12

sarcasm is always necessary.... it is one of the building blocks of our existence:D

3rd December 2007 20:12

guys just leave it alone... all your doing is encouraging him to continue trying to get people to wa...

3rd December 2007 20:12

I don't know how crappy you guys are without a scope or something like that but, man you guy must su...

3rd December 2007 20:12

tried it again and it worked:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

3rd December 2007 20:12

IT'S A GOPHER!!! Seriously, have NONE of you EVER seen the movie Caddyshack????

4th December 2007 04:12

i was going to.... and I hope it does:D:D:D

28th November 2007 08:11

I never set a distance, guys. I just said if you were good enough you could get a head shot from pre...

28th November 2007 04:11

I just wish it had with me:(:mad::(

28th November 2007 04:11

Yeah back when Halo 2 came out one of my friends let me borrow his XBOX and I have to say after play...

27th November 2007 23:11

It's not a beaver, it is a the movie "Caddyshack" But I agree with you... he has logg...

27th November 2007 10:11

yeah ur close up u got right as U got pwned!!!:lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol: :lol::rofl:...

27th November 2007 10:11

No, human weren't taken to the ark, we were kept on Earth because we were protected by the Portal un...

3rd December 2007 20:12

no i didn't uninstall halo: PC, all i did was download CE and then double clicked the CE application

27th November 2007 04:11

I still play my XBOX version of the game all the time, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon eith...

5th August 2008 00:08

Don't forget, they could also probably get a full pistol clip worth of shots in almost the exact sam...

12th December 2007 22:12

maybe the Halo pistol doesn't have slide recoil.....?

12th December 2007 13:12

I've only seen bullets ricochet off Jackal arm bands, not Elite full-bodies, those seem to disintegr...

11th December 2007 22:12

no, cause most human weapons have the power behind their shots to do massive damage, just collapsing...

11th December 2007 02:12

i might have been proved wrong, but I don't care, because it FINALLY works with both games

9th December 2007 06:12

I'm talking about single-shots, you know, like quickly pull and release the trigger?

4th December 2007 22:12

or... the Forerunners might have been gods to them like they are to the Covies, so maybe the humans...

5th December 2007 12:12

yeah she does seem to do a lot better at helping you in Halo 2&3 than H1

5th December 2007 12:12


5th December 2007 02:12

-Þënümbra-;4069817heh, actually Oblivion is way easier than morrowind, i beat the Oblivion storyline...

5th December 2007 02:12