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I take what n0e says way too seriously

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if axis are to have more planes,the runway must be wider and longer. otherwise the problems will be...

12th March 2004 15:03

USMA2010 The Suomi is waaaay to inaccurate.. surprise,surprise.

29th October 2005 22:10

jumjumHmmm. Sounds to me like you blitz-played some 0.7, figured you knew it all, ran to that keyboa...

31st October 2005 17:10

It happens,has always been that way since bf 1.0. Call it "after aa lag" myself.:)

31st October 2005 15:10


31st October 2005 15:10

MeadowHi, I'm Meadow. You're probably wondering why people are being to hostile to you here. Wel...

31st October 2005 04:10

Civiusirl you don't run around with panzerschreck, stop and shoot in 1 sec. Nope,but i see when the...

30th October 2005 20:10

Agentlaidlaw Also jet fuel can only reach a max of 1,800F when the metal in WTC can take 2,500 BEF...

30th October 2005 18:10

Lobo The AT weapons work exactly like in 0.67, you need to wait some seconds to aim acurately with...

30th October 2005 18:10

The 13th RaptorThey say fuck? Wolf must remove the map asap! :p Americans are too soft-eared.:)

30th October 2005 17:10

The tanks might get scratched otherwise,you see.

30th October 2005 17:10

Eglaerinion [CoUk]niu don't take a flag unless you can defend it, basic rule of BF1942 (and mods)....

30th October 2005 14:10

RantamI prefer to have enemy vehicles locked in fh. This game focuses in combat, and i'm sure in the...

30th October 2005 13:10

It does not jump around like that,the recoil feels more like a steady backpressure.Think high pressu...

30th October 2005 11:10

Saving money on maintenance brought the WTC down. Fireproofing must be intact to work,and steel is a...

30th October 2005 10:10

I would reinstall,since everything is supposed to be there. The 3 parts must be installed in order.

29th October 2005 20:10

As far as the feel of the thing goes,it should shoot very good. The mechanical difference between th...

31st October 2005 18:10

Did you try to connect again? Sometimes a "map not found" message comes up even if the map is there.

29th October 2005 20:10

ChesiNow I really know why people asked so hard pz III, I tried it first time in the El Alamein and...

29th October 2005 13:10

"New" impression:Kharkov is a poorly laid out map,over in the first 5 minutes.

29th October 2005 12:10

If you run a TBI 350,the only mod needed seeems to be a different prom.:)

29th October 2005 08:10

USMA2010You need to play online to really experience FH mate. Coop is retarded. Literally. The AI bo...

29th October 2005 01:10

Patched to 1.61b?

28th October 2005 23:10

Seems ok sofar,except Pavlov.

28th October 2005 22:10

1.61b,a small add-on,6.40MB.

28th October 2005 21:10