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Post number 666, and AzH said I couldn't do it. Take that. I'm bitchin' (whatever that's supposed...

6th May 2004 12:05

A friend of mine (who we'll call... Cuddles) is having a really hard time with her mom and sister....

7th May 2004 04:05

homergonersonmy gf is leaving for vietnam on the 11th, and she won't be back till july 22, we're goi...

7th May 2004 09:05

Oh yeah...!

20th May 2004 04:05 Don't go see it.

8th May 2004 10:05

It sucked because it was so incredibly cheesy.

8th May 2004 23:05

Dreadknott, please delete this thread. See, the other thread where the Americans are saying shit abo...

9th May 2004 01:05

Swimming and waterpolo.

9th May 2004 01:05

I thought this was another thread saying about how I should make my font bigger... and then I cried...

19th May 2004 10:05

Mast3rofPuppetsYeah, wtf is a pilate!?It's a rare South African bird, they say that if you eat it......

19th May 2004 10:05

Pantastic says: this Enders 2 song is weird Pantastic says: it's like a Japanese pop group song No...

19th May 2004 11:05

[SIZE="5"]Bacon is meat candy.[/SIZE]

23rd March 2011 04:03