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Theres another mod thats not client side and it gives you togglable 3rd Person that host can activat...

27th August 2006 05:08

Well...Our clan is called The Special Forces not Tactical Special Forces....

7th September 2006 11:09

Have fun in the forums! If you need information, read the FAQs. Enjoy the forums!:)

25th September 2006 11:09

1. Beacuse theyre stupid 2. Beacuse theyre idiots 3. Beacuse theyre as smart as a piece of $&!#...

20th September 2006 11:09

Ummm, your ID is fake, don't fool people! If you do, you wont get ANY members to join!!! And.....whe...

24th September 2006 06:09

Oh and....MULTIMESSENGER???:lol: WHERE DID YOU FIND IT????? :lol: Just give the correct adress or yo...

24th September 2006 06:09

Ummmm, hi......:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAHHAH!!!!...btw....its....* Lt. Baker p...

25th September 2006 11:09

Have a good time in the forums! BTW...please do not go to the spam forum!!!

25th September 2006 11:09

Hi! Have a good time in the forums!

25th September 2006 11:09

Great. Exactly what we needed!

14th October 2006 15:10
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