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RSaLAN;3502537Great job guys. I have a question, why is the thompson tilted to the right? It's mean...

26th January 2007 12:01

Lots of ammo and a nice MG in a nice foxhole!

31st January 2007 08:01


26th January 2007 12:01

I played the demo when it first came out. It's alright, not a bad game, and the Maus is pretty fun....

26th January 2007 20:01

^^HAHAHA! I remember McGibs was saying how you guys were going to make all MG's have the ability to...

28th January 2007 06:01

28th January 2007 08:01

^^Actually, it would be the other way around; Electric > Old-School Razor

28th January 2007 12:01

Originally from Moscow(region, Dolgoprudniy), Russia. But now live in New Jersey, USA.

30th January 2007 06:01

You can only make your first impression once. :D

22nd February 2007 15:02

JohnWalker;3553740Untill you slip in the shower and fucking die! Ahahaha, I love that quote, esp...

25th February 2007 16:02

21st January 2007 03:01

ABC666;3586040Damn, i think its sad if we dont see the Tiger in the coolest ww2 mod creation :smokin...

17th March 2007 05:03

What about the Bofors? :)

15th April 2007 00:04

I found a really funny video with No4 rifle.. "This one's for Sean Connery!" hahaha :D http://youtu...

14th April 2007 07:04

Bugs Bunny :)

14th April 2007 06:04

I just thought about the Spit! Great great memories with that plane on El Al, hehe very agile and po...

12th April 2007 10:04

I think it would be better if you guys just drop it.. now.. Instead of filling up this thread with s...

12th April 2007 10:04

Thank you Lobo. What a jerk, they did all this amazing work and you're whining about a sound, WHO CA...

12th April 2007 09:04

Well not really.. Look at Wolfenstein ET - it works out pretty good. You also get protection when yo...

11th April 2007 13:04

1. One of the greatest people in human history. 2. Kick-ass picture. 3. The pwn is in his awesome i...

11th April 2007 13:04

10th April 2007 08:04


5th April 2007 11:04

You guys are funny.

2nd April 2007 00:04

Are the Germans gonna be reskinned for this map? p.s.: Never mind, Mr. Cheese already answered it.

30th March 2007 02:03

Good idea but not practical for gameplay. I also agree that it will be easily abused.

27th March 2007 08:03