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Two gripes about Mos Kreetle: FPS was on the low end for me. Falcon didn't have all of it's interi...

27th December 2008 13:12

Spoiler: Show Still a bit of work to do, but it's getting there.

6th January 2009 10:01

I can't get the depth to work out... Does anybody know how to add depth to metal that has black fin...

6th January 2009 13:01

Sith-J, half of what makes your maps so awesome is the fact that they're locations from the movie. T...

11th January 2009 07:01

That's IT? Not much to test, is there? Try adding more. A lot more. THEN I might help test.

11th January 2009 06:01

I'm gonna jump forward in time, so I won't have to wait for it to come out. =p

11th January 2009 06:01

Only because your previous version wasn't exactly eye-catching. :rolleyes:

11th January 2009 06:01

Hangar. 'nuff said.

10th January 2009 07:01

There are three ways of setting it up. 1. Two buttons, one to change the state and one to use the t...

10th January 2009 07:01

I assumed it would change states on it own. If you want to use a button, that means having another b...

9th January 2009 11:01

Ok, done. In front of your screen-of-numbers, make a trigger. This trigger should target a scriptru...

8th January 2009 11:01

One word: Script. Hmmm... To call NAB622, or to try this one myself... Meh, I need the practice. Y...

8th January 2009 11:01

Mercenary;5469483- right click on the Gtk-Radiant application - go to properties - go t...

17th February 2011 12:02