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I Habe this Problem at 95% of all Servers. I joines the Server I PLAY 10 Seconds THEN the message "L...

2nd October 2004 18:10

NiteStryker;4898802My sig is in reference to US nukes only...just throwin that out there. When was...

25th May 2009 23:05

well, i have made attempts to learn my language. several attempts to be exact. My mom tried to teach...

25th May 2009 23:05

you never know. i mean supposodly set off a nuke in their own house, i dont think they will mind dro...

25th May 2009 22:05

Well for the entire time i've been playing DOW II. i have only used the space marines apothocary. ma...

25th May 2009 22:05

angel does make a good point. but i know im safe in korea since NK is our next door neighbor... bu...

25th May 2009 21:05

that would be really cool, i think it should just be a portal gun with maps with a whole lot of trap...

25th May 2009 17:05

64 players? would there be even land to stand on?

25th May 2009 17:05

Liquid fire;4898160Relatives, last time ? Aren't you like 18 or something? I wouldn't put all your c...

25th May 2009 17:05

orange box, 5 games in one. how can you go wrong?

26th May 2009 12:05

you monster!

24th May 2009 17:05

whale what?

28th May 2009 18:05

i would give you rep, but disturbing. wheres wasturr?

28th May 2009 18:05

so many amazing information on out world that i am learning today? it make me want to break out in s...

28th May 2009 19:05

what do you mean?

28th May 2009 19:05

dawn of war dark crusade with FOK mod. dawn of war, TTRU mod. they need to fix that command squad g...

27th May 2009 18:05

If we want to destroy jupiter, i propose a giant vacuum cleaner. But if we want this topic to prog...

25th May 2009 16:05

COD4, single player. i need to beat and record the game all within the time limit of a few hours.

19th May 2009 13:05

no reason...

18th May 2009 13:05

like what? i mean they already had a lot of guns in COD4. but i think some more custom classes would...

18th May 2009 16:05

Ronald_Jesch;4893251I see no problem with martyrdom, it's just part of the game. It allows people to...

19th May 2009 13:05

more pr0n?

19th May 2009 14:05

every day i become more and more ashamed of being a human... i wish i was an eagle.

19th May 2009 21:05

Stratopwn3r;4892709Whats so amazing about it then?[/QUOTE] mary, the mother of jesus. so yeah, she's...

19th May 2009 21:05


19th May 2009 21:05