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well, we just got finished reading red scarf girl in class. it was about a girl in the cultural revo...

21st May 2009 20:05


28th May 2009 19:05

Metall_pingwin;4892000crisissuit makes a lot more sense than crissicut. I've been reading your name...

17th May 2009 10:05

last day in korea. this day was pretty hectic since i wanted to get up to catch the school bus to sa...

2nd June 2009 19:06

but you see 360 is one whole number. in my comment it had 4 and 2 and different numbers.

2nd June 2009 20:06

again, somewhat disturbing. but amazing detail.

2nd June 2009 20:06

look ma, im a rockstar!

2nd June 2009 21:06

wait so is it like the FOK mod but with more units?

2nd June 2009 19:06

Ronald_Jesch;4905056But that would be what makes it cool, there could be a lot more interesting and...

4th June 2009 09:06

if a game ever used symbols instead of letters. i will buy it no matter how bad.

2nd June 2009 19:06

laws arnt fun.

2nd June 2009 09:06

seriously? fave character, assault marine 2nd fave, the normal guy with a bolter.

1st June 2009 21:06

old one from someone in the forums you go outside to look at the sky and go "oh shit the blue scre...

1st June 2009 21:06


1st June 2009 21:06

you do make some good points. if it really bugs you that much heres what im going to do. wait for...

2nd June 2009 09:06

well the only thing that im negative too is the title. left 4 dead 2 could you add any more numbe...

2nd June 2009 19:06

i assure you one thing. the competetive games of starcraft that are hosted every day 24 hours. will...

2nd June 2009 09:06

they are evil

2nd June 2009 18:06

you look outside your window and say "what awesome lighting effects.

2nd June 2009 19:06

probably off the top of my head. i say midway do to their horrible to mediocre games. i would sa...

6th June 2009 06:06

dual wield 2 50. cal sniper rifles, then i'll be impressed.

6th June 2009 06:06

you mean it instantly happened? how...?

6th June 2009 06:06

well, i was thinking about GTA IV, how is it different from saints row 2?

6th June 2009 17:06

contact harvest. i really need to stop letting the summaries suck me in so easily. i thought i wou...

7th June 2009 08:06

not WMG, you can credit the artists all you want but they will still go "nope, they're still owned b...

7th June 2009 22:06