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I want REALISM!!!! Not to start any flames, but multiplayer is definatly a battle of the whores. The...

2nd July 2006 05:07

Happy to help. :)

8th July 2006 00:07

Nice one, Wraith, me likes. Fragger... that one is also awesome, but I'd even like it better if it d...

10th June 2006 04:06

The reason why it takes 15 or more bullets to kill an enemy is because the hit detection is HORRIBLE...

5th June 2006 08:06

Hello l33t photoshop users. I would like a Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter signature! Images:...

25th February 2006 08:02

Bump. :D

30th March 2006 04:03

My guess is that it will be an expansion, if you haven't noticed yet, they release the main game, th...

25th February 2006 10:02

WOW!! Those are great! Thanks for the sigs, definatly using one of these. :bows:

25th February 2006 11:02

In all of my multiplayer games, the server browsers are laggy! Not only do they report high pings,...

29th March 2006 04:03

In all of my multiplayer games, the server browser is very laggy. Not only does it report high pings...

29th March 2006 11:03

I hate how it takes 10 or more rifle bullets to kill an enemy, and the fact that half of the bullets...

2nd April 2006 02:04

World War 2 online!

28th May 2006 05:05

I use Perfect Disk... or is that crap?

3rd April 2006 06:04

How do I disable sprays in CS:S or DOD:S? I'm guessing that it is a console command, so what is it?

10th April 2006 09:04


10th April 2006 21:04

How do your like your FPS? Tactics with a side of realism? Run and gun? Vote away!

19th May 2006 20:05

QUAKE WARS!!!! We all know how crappy EA is latley, besides, QW offers way better gameplay. Better g...

25th May 2006 02:05

^^^ Same. Thanks for the site, will be visiting often!

25th May 2006 02:05

WARCRACK IS BAD!! Please don't suck more innocent souls into the evil addiction of Warcrack. It's ad...

26th May 2006 02:05

Okey dokey!

5th March 2005 04:03

Well, I had 768mb of PC2100, now I have 512mb of PC3200. I'm about to buy a 400 watt (or 500 watt I...

28th February 2005 06:02

WHAT?! what do you mean it does? im asking if i can take skins from HoB and use them in CoD mp.

17th August 2004 00:08

well, thinking that they have a ligidiment processor....

30th October 2004 08:10

i need $30 for cod: uo :D

20th September 2004 03:09

buy CZ? NO! big waste of your 30 or 40 bucks. they graphics arent that good, and thats the only thin...

26th September 2004 21:09