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hi SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! almost everytime i play cod nowadays, i can play 2 matches or so.....

11th August 2004 05:08

Warefare = Ware + Fare right? - if you must post something, please don't speel like a cant

12th May 2007 01:05

If your Clan is looking for a BAS Scrim, look no further........ALL challenges accepted ;)

18th July 2006 23:07

So far 26 Clans have registered for what promises to be one hell of a Battle for the Gamesmajor spon...

5th September 2006 13:09

Hi The BAS gametype has seen a ressurgence over the past 6 months or so, new BAS servers popping u...

8th December 2006 11:12

16th December 2006 03:12

Happy New Tear

1st January 2007 03:01

Marsh Madness;3441228 could look totally different then someone else's. 'Then someone else's' = Tha...

1st January 2007 04:01

11th August 2007 00:08

......Of playing Sub-standard Base Assault Clans, there MUST be a crew out there who can mount a ser...

31st January 2006 03:01

11th August 2007 01:08

New Update BBC Clan

23rd August 2007 17:08

27th August 2007 21:08

Final version released

5th October 2007 15:10

BETA 1 Released -

5th November 2007 23:11

2nd December 2007 12:12

Any BAS Clans out there looking for some action check THIS out:

3rd May 2006 23:05

Fed up of not having enough Scrims for your Clan?? follow the link: http://baseleague.myfreeforum.or...

20th November 2005 22:11

[color=wheat][color=red][[/color]BBC[/color][color=blue]] [/color][color=wheat]A Camper {WF Div}[/co...

22nd April 2005 20:04

Battle of the Bands [color=red]O[/color]A[color=blue]S[/color][color=red]I[/color]S has connected...

1st August 2005 01:08

Hi We are currently looking for people who have thought about joining a clan / team but who are pu...

15th June 2005 09:06

if we wanted a server, we would go get one, unfortunately it wouldnt be this one, please go spam som...

15th June 2005 14:06

erm.....hello i guess you came here because of the Title!!!! see how fickle you are? and easily le...

10th July 2005 02:07

Slain01maybe your thread is leading, but ur site sure aint. thanks for your ecouragement - cya out...

11th July 2005 01:07

Hi We at the [color=red][[/color]BBC[color=blue]][/color] proudly present to the CoD UO World........

21st July 2005 21:07
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