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Aqua man suckz

2nd December 2004 17:12

SimKaR[color=blue]Halo isn't what it's cut out to be. I played it at my friend Alex's house once and...

3rd December 2004 17:12

I have seen the review... and it is more combat than anything els. but it still looks like a good ga...

3rd December 2004 18:12

I got it and LOVE it halo 2 kicks on X-box live

3rd December 2004 18:12

Dark elf, Rouge..... Herbalism & alchemism

7th December 2004 17:12

Any one here play World of Warcraft if you do what do you think of the game and what class is best?

9th December 2004 17:12

Howdy All :stallard:

9th December 2004 17:12

:cya: hows it going ever one

10th December 2004 17:12

The cool thing is the more time you pay for the cheaper it gets.... so if you know your going to pla...

15th December 2004 17:12

I LOVE the game.. when i got it i couuldn't stop playing it... i have a lvl 25 undead rogue and a lv...

7th January 2005 18:01

World Of Warcraft all the way..... :D

7th January 2005 18:01