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For you and me.

2nd December 2005 17:12

Inyri Forgeftw ftw... :confused: Fuck The World?

1st December 2005 13:12

Where I've been it never stood for anything but "fuck the world"

1st December 2005 13:12

killer400all true. Lord Wiener always speaks the truth :D

2nd December 2005 07:12

I have a habit of getting nearly to the end of a game, but then for whatever reason I just don't fin...

2nd December 2005 10:12

1934_SOLDNER THIS is why each and every one of you will vote AGAINST her in the 2008 elections!!!!!!...

2nd December 2005 12:12

O Rly?

2nd December 2005 12:12

No I do not support it, nor will I ever support ANYTHING proposed by Hillary Clinton. That woman is...

2nd December 2005 14:12

My COA is authentic, but I don't have the original software disc. Therein lies the problem, as it tu...

24th February 2014 06:02