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any one have any tips for rasing your honor faster? :tommy: thnx :rock: CyberTechSoldier :tank:

8th December 2003 06:12

with the new patch version 2.00a i tryed to install and i get these errors. "missing or invalid rege...

25th December 2003 03:12

where do i put the maps when i DL them?

17th February 2004 09:02

hi, i use a logitech wingman extreme. i have no idea howw to get it to work with battlefield. can so...

31st March 2004 07:03

I am sorry to say this but in real life the M-60 is one beast of a gun. i have no problem with they...

25th May 2004 05:05

i wish they would make BF:V accurate!

2nd June 2004 08:06