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( When I compile my map then view it...

11th November 2004 16:11

Gah, Fileplanet.

20th June 2005 12:06

I hope they let you play as Gman like in Deathmatch Classic.

18th June 2005 06:06

There was a picture like that on the HL2files POTD.

18th June 2005 06:06

Not bad, but you should of made it bigger.

18th June 2005 06:06

I dunno what are the best maps for DM, don't particularly play it. But one of the mods you should d...

20th June 2005 11:06

I hope they actually make a sniper rifle instead of that crusty crossbow, what is with that thing?

20th June 2005 11:06

That is a seriously weird thought Fragger. So if that suit is part of him, wouldn't that mean he'd...

20th June 2005 11:06

Gah, Fileplanet. :uhoh:

20th June 2005 11:06

Never heard of anything like that, but maybe try a reinstall?

20th June 2005 12:06

I wanted to use it in-game, instead of minimizing CSS to look at my Xfire. Here's my specs anyway,...

14th June 2005 03:06

Yeah, I heard of that happening to people. Getting a new key is the only solution to your problem th...

24th June 2005 17:06

Yeah, you need a better graphics card or just live with the graphics you've got now.

24th June 2005 18:06

I used to map for JA with GTK aswell then tried to use Hammer and it is difficult. But don't ask me...

24th June 2005 18:06

Looks very cool. You changing the sounds it makes aswell?

24th June 2005 18:06

The people who generated your key and used it are the assholes.

24th June 2005 22:06

Yeah, that card is DirectX 9 compatible. Try a reinstall, and then see if it still happens.

28th June 2005 10:06

They should include some of the older guns from HL as well. I don't really know the names for them b...

28th June 2005 11:06

I don't really see any difference, except in HL2 you can make use of the physics more with the use o...

14th June 2005 11:06

The worst thing I've probably done was on dust2 when the T's had planted a bomb at B. We were coming...

14th June 2005 03:06

Yeah I had that problem when I tried that reso on a 17" monitor, so then I just use 1024x768

30th June 2005 10:06

Nice job on dm_theclub. Looks awesome.

10th June 2005 11:06

Make sure your not hitting your windows key. Or, update your drivers.

8th June 2005 12:06

I hope its good, most of the army games out now don't really impress me.

9th June 2005 10:06

The only reason I could think of that happening was if you had a rippe copy of HL2...

9th June 2005 11:06