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Brothers of Destiny

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and a fully custom army painter where you could paint your entire army custom (ands nids:))

11th March 2008 18:03

nice i love sci-fi 8/10

29th May 2008 20:05

i dont really get it wraithcat anyways 7/10

20th July 2008 10:07

i would say Dias of Destroction.Because its abillity to wipe out 30 guards men and a command squard...

20th July 2008 10:07

yup we are

20th July 2008 09:07

yeah Tycoon/Transmission is rigth just read it. and agreed with chaos they WILL be in or relic sucks...

20th July 2008 08:07

frigging valve! they made DOD:S into TF2! frigging "update" lol just need to get some of my anger of...

3rd July 2008 15:07

But i have a steam SS so what now because the Shift+Tap is a key to the community

18th June 2008 13:06

i like the demon prince and knarloc when the prince wins and the farseer VS pharia.here is a AWSOME...

26th May 2008 15:05

lol Lara Croft but arent you a little sick? 3/10

21st July 2008 06:07

the chaos makes me bloodthirsty in a way i dont like and like. seeing 3 squads of IG guards men be t...

26th May 2008 15:05

you know the necorns cant live without their power rigth? so if i replaces that power with a deamon...

14th May 2008 16:05

Name: Marcus The Enslaver Force: Chaos Lord of Doom Legion Deed: Defeating a squad of 2 dreadnogths...

14th May 2008 12:05

yea maybe

11th May 2008 21:05

OMFG!!! Where did you get that one!?

11th May 2008 21:05

yea because two collosusses where heading my way so i dint pay attetion. but the fatboy is weaker th...

11th May 2008 16:05

yah i am thinking about joining when i get back here wensday(i am in greece) and hello to you! that...

20th July 2008 14:07

Mines Doom Legion and before you say "Waht the is that legion i have never heard of it!" i will say...

30th July 2008 12:07

yea but it looks like the mammoth tank fron C&C:G and the fatboy sucks i got 3 fatboys taken out...

10th May 2008 13:05

Or some terminators

24th September 2008 14:09

Does the beta still comes if i bought it on Steam?

14th October 2008 13:10

Yupp you heard me Thule is back heres the link: http://community.dawnofwar2.com/age_gate.php

10th October 2008 21:10

I am sorry but i cant see a poll. Anyways i love the demon weapon and power sword.

10th October 2008 15:10

Yeah i know what you feel. Me to:nodding: and it looks very similar to CoH.

9th October 2008 14:10

i just found this cool DOWII movie of the space marine campaign: Gametrailers.com - Dawn of War II...

8th October 2008 15:10