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I Have Been Misunderestimated

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Hi, Been playing past Microsoft games lately. But this is stressing me out. But whats going on is: I...

15th August 2004 15:08

I PMed you 2 days ago...will i get a response soon?

27th February 2006 13:02

Ok, having just resolved a problem with static objects in my map, I am struck with a new problem :ma...

15th April 2007 23:04

This may be a stupid question, but since I can't find them anywhere I thought i'd ask here. This gam...

12th April 2007 11:04

Inyri Forge;3612214This explains why 90% of our PotD submissions are either Jawa-related or ranor-re...

4th April 2007 21:04

bobaandy;3607578 2. Uber force regen. Seriously. Whats the fun if you always force jump, or push or...

4th April 2007 12:04

master_ibonek;3605250You know wats really amusing? Spawning as many jawas as you can,(the limit is w...

4th April 2007 11:04

I like the new system, but I think the recharge time should be wayyyy longer.

21st December 2006 13:12

Whoo! It worked thanks for your help S.T.A.L.K.E.R and TacoPie.

9th May 2006 00:05

Yes I did check last week, no errors, and haven't removed anything.

8th May 2006 08:05

I don't think i've added anything other than a new video card, but that was before it stopped workin...

6th May 2006 05:05

It used to launch MP it stopped a few months ago.

5th May 2006 23:05

Yes it can.

5th May 2006 23:05

Yes, bought it a few years ago, why? It used to work until a few months ago.

5th May 2006 23:05

I need some help, i've tried to install, uninstall, and reinstall mutiple times but nothing seems to...

5th May 2006 07:05

Hahahaha this thread is super funney keep the screens coming lol

1st March 2006 14:03

ok i found a tut but now i need help to get what i edited in-game i loaded my mod once in game but n...

24th February 2006 11:02

Whenever i open a weapon inside a iwd and edit what i want it reverts to its old settings when i sav...

11th January 2006 02:01

I am having trouble compiling a map for CoDUO (I am using GrayRadiant and junction compiler):confuse...

10th January 2006 05:01

i can't get to work AT ALL

10th January 2006 06:01

tally i am using wordpad and thx Romeo i will try that

11th January 2006 13:01

Can anyone give me a good tutorial to the BF2 editor i checked the one at www.battlefield2.com but t...

23rd February 2006 01:02

Anyone know how to make random mortors and setable tripwires?:confused:

14th January 2006 10:01

i have recentaly won a basic engineer combat award but it does not show up when i hit the BFHQ butto...

5th February 2006 12:02

o good but i have another question why won't my rank go up i got lance corprol but now it won't go u...

7th February 2006 00:02