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I can help with ODFs and Textures !!! I have modding experiance with legacy mostly refits since I ca...

1st July 2008 22:07

See I did all that, Atlantis some how fixed it self, but other models still do that

17th January 2009 22:01

I know I still need to screw around with the ODF. It is probably you weapon spr file theres proababl...

26th January 2009 19:01

Remindes me of the NX Titan. Really nice

20th January 2009 20:01

What do you mean by export the joints. Do you want to save them in a file so you don't have to Har...

20th January 2009 11:01

Okay I think Ill resend it to you so you can reinstall it

20th January 2009 06:01

This morning I received permission to port the post dominion war excelsior refit to legacy. Jesus F...

19th January 2009 09:01

I never had any texture problems. It causes a ton of gui problems though

19th January 2009 06:01

But you can rename the races in the file then it will sort of run normally

19th January 2009 02:01

They already have battlestar peagesus galactica cylon base stars Hataks Ori Warships The whole non t...

18th January 2009 22:01

Yeah I guess some how the concreat got replaced with windows Ill look into it

18th January 2009 22:01

There already is an aurora as for puddle jumpers small craft aren't suited to legacy

18th January 2009 11:01

YOU TRIED THE SELF DESTRUCT !!! Yeah Ill just crank up the Kaboom and find the sounds I had. Than...

18th January 2009 10:01

You did say you couldn't do specs. Your exact words were " can't do speacs, you got gimp" I rememb...

18th January 2009 09:01

Actually they aren't floating it just a problem when ever I use PRTSCR in legacy, I get really retar...

18th January 2009 08:01

Here's some PIC's It seems to work. If anyone wants to help Beta test pm me

17th January 2009 22:01

Got it working in game, has some weapons problems

17th January 2009 07:01

I just notices my mouse disappears after I select a ship. I don't know if it is Vista or The UU mod

28th January 2009 20:01

That might take a while. I'm using the computer that doesn't have legacy on it. Edit. Here we are

5th December 2008 06:12

This ship is just peices of a mesh. I need to reproduce and duplicate them all. You do have premiss...

3rd December 2008 04:12

Ask your friend when hes gonna have a saucer done, please.

3rd December 2008 04:12

Just before I leave I need to say, The model has no textures and the MTL files have no materials in...

3rd December 2008 19:12

I'm working on textures and it works in game. Here a treat though. I tried it with a simple...

5th December 2008 06:12

DUDE just look at acids tutorials they helped me, and meshing is self explanitory, hardpointings har...

5th December 2008 06:12

NO. sorry but its when i look at somthing said ship appears with said things textures

5th December 2008 06:12