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She must be: Brunette or red-head pretty face nice body dresses nice smart good personality - have...

19th October 2006 21:10

I think as you paid money for it, it counts! The last thing I bought was a new shoulder patch for...

19th October 2006 21:10

Tommy_Gun;3298574Ill have to lok into that, thanks. When abouts is it set? Abround the closing mon...

20th October 2006 01:10

5 Gallons of unleaded Caramello bar Pack of Marlboros:smokin:

8th October 2006 10:10

I'm going to Hell. No doubt about it. :mad:

7th October 2006 05:10

I'll probably just go in my work clothes:

21st October 2006 02:10

At first glance, I was going to say an old stripped down PCF. But after good look, I'd have to say p...

3rd October 2006 02:10

I got one, left arm, mid bicep. I hurt when I got it, kinda like a thousand beestings, and it took a...

25th September 2006 06:09

Bates "Desert Warrior" ICBs ACU Trousers Sage green Under-Armor skivvie Tags

29th September 2006 02:09

Yeah, they're ok. I've been looking at getting a pair of desert Jump Boots, but theyre a little pric...

29th September 2006 02:09

KnippschildMilitary is different because the only rights you have are the ones your CO says you have...

29th September 2006 02:09

Lemon-lime Hooah! Fuel

30th September 2006 10:09

Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

2nd October 2006 07:10

I drank an old can of Billy Beer once... ...Then I had to go to the hospital to get my stomach pump...

3rd October 2006 02:10

baney3;3263493hey its like how long to halloween and i want to be a soldier. and i want to do airsof...

7th October 2006 03:10

Again try to avoid the whole temporal paradox thingie. Such as: Try not to come in physical contact...

3rd October 2006 02:10

Nice M1 Hawkeye18zIf you try to take on the gov't; you'll get stepped on like a bug. The Ohio Mili...

3rd October 2006 02:10

2 + 2 = 5;3255059and how old is that...dutch beer FTW! About circa 1977. It was OK, until about 2...

3rd October 2006 04:10

My skivvie My trousers My Matterhorns JillThey sort of stick to ya...especially when naked....

4th October 2006 09:10

L/S Shirt Distressed boot-cut jeans My old Jungle Boots

5th October 2006 21:10

Can I gut, clean, fry and eat my Goldfish?

6th October 2006 04:10

A JM Rolen DVD

6th October 2006 05:10

*SW3D3*;3252248I thought you where going to answer Iraq or Afghanistan or something like that Yeah I...

6th October 2006 09:10

Ma Deuce;3263488How about this? In the TC spot of an M1A2, driving down Thunder Road? Nah, I'm m...

6th October 2006 21:10

Nice car and background, 7/10. Sorry, but I don't got no siggy. Just a quote.

7th October 2006 01:10