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Korn what's it take to make your clan database??? j/k Good stuff there.. Lots of good clans there...

29th January 2003 02:01

LOL... Cool man..

31st January 2003 01:01

DUDE... It was a joke..... I can't believe you fell for it.. I was there and I was the one that to...

8th February 2003 21:02

And yes we do use PB on the server....

8th February 2003 21:02

We all need new peeps to keep this game going.. I know its hard for us sometimes but they only make...

22nd February 2003 11:02

USA clan are good peeps...:D

6th March 2003 17:03

Nope its the =USA= LOL

6th March 2003 23:03