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I have been playing with the G mod pack on my laptop and decided to try it on my desktop and the shi...

26th September 2004 00:09

Monster_user;4894496What the heck is That thing? :Puzzled: good question....

20th May 2009 15:05

Update: While ordering a replacement printer, I added in a bit to my order (namely some Thermal Pas...

23rd May 2009 13:05

C-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

23rd May 2009 00:05

Yes, no.

23rd May 2009 00:05

Count_Chocu1a;4896025...and your point is? Absolutely nothing :lol:

22nd May 2009 13:05

Metall_pingwin;4895910...You should probably check anyway... There isn't much you can do to void a...

22nd May 2009 11:05

...I probably voided it anyway.............

22nd May 2009 04:05

Seems similar to my old Emachine...

22nd May 2009 03:05

I highly doubt there is any warranty left on it...since it's a launch 4870... Re-seating: I don't...

22nd May 2009 03:05

As some of you may remember, I mentioned that my 4870 doesn't run that cool... After that heatwave...

22nd May 2009 00:05

Anlushac11;4894535 I do agree with main engineering. I kept thinking where the hell is all this room...

21st May 2009 12:05

warborg;4895275intruder alert!! Get the phasers! shields! Shields!

21st May 2009 12:05

Hmm... Epic Fail?

21st May 2009 12:05

tolga;4894119Much faster. Extremely useful interface. Uses less RAM and almost there is no problem...

20th May 2009 07:05

Uwsar-Hat-Anupuw;4897195 Win?

24th May 2009 04:05


3rd May 2009 05:05


3rd May 2009 05:05

my bad double post

6th May 2009 05:05

:eek: 40C idle @ 50% fan speed? Mine 58C with less OC than yours. I that card using a non referen...

6th May 2009 05:05

BadHairDẵy;4886798The only thing that's good on there is the occasional run of Bourne movies. NCIS,...

10th May 2009 07:05

...Lend me enough money for a new CPU cooler, VGA cooler, plus Thermal Paste?

20th May 2009 07:05

Dr Octoganapus

13th May 2009 10:05

oh lawd

18th May 2009 12:05

>.> Possibly....

19th May 2009 00:05