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Dont wanna be a bother and I dont know if these have been pointed out already but if they havent, ju...

30th September 2003 09:09

KorholioRussian planes turn perfectly, so every other plane should turnl ike they do (maybe some pla...

1st October 2003 04:10

The most annoying thing in bf and especially in fh is that people do not know what they are doing an...

4th October 2003 23:10

The Japanese type 99 has no skin.

5th October 2003 02:10

Also if its possible to optimize the new sounds for surround sound and eax, please do :)

5th October 2003 05:10

Only if the tompson could have a realistic rate of fire now :)

5th October 2003 09:10

born2liftOk, I DLed the patches and installed them as per instructions. After doing so I would try...

6th October 2003 03:10

This map is so great, and even greater with fh, but it could be so much better with 2 things. 1. A...

7th October 2003 02:10

My favorite will always be on bocage when the the axis have the last allied flag leading to the alli...

7th October 2003 09:10

Will these ever be implemented in FH?

10th October 2003 03:10

Sweeeet Thx

10th October 2003 04:10