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Could someone possibly make a Red Imperial Guard robe/armor for Kotor or TSL? Ifso pleae reply quic...

22nd February 2008 06:02

Admiral_Jamoking;4453300While in the SMG launcher did you highlight the mod you wanted and then pres...

24th July 2008 00:07

I've got two patches for Wotor how many are there?

27th December 2008 23:12

I downloaded the mod Weopons of the old republic, and for some reason some of my party members don't...

27th December 2008 22:12

Ok I have this problem many times and still can't figure out what is wrong, after I get off the Harb...

6th December 2008 02:12

Thanks I tried reinstalling it and it worked.

17th November 2008 21:11

My problem is that in my Forces of Corruption game I have no sound, and when i try to look in the au...

16th November 2008 21:11

Alright I will give it a try

30th September 2008 18:09

Ok this is a problem I get fix and i was wondering if anyone would have any other ideas. T3-M4 will...

29th September 2008 05:09

delta62;4453689first make sure that there is a Data folder inside of the mod folder such as C://Prog...

24th July 2008 19:07

Alright I installed SMG and it showed all of my mods but that and it didn't work at all so is there...

23rd July 2008 22:07

Sorry I'll Do it and find out thanks for all the help everyone.

30th December 2008 05:12

I downloaded Jedi Civil war mod how to you install that I tried what it said in the readme but it di...

23rd July 2008 20:07

Ok thanks

23rd July 2008 20:07

Is there a way to make your own custom Galactic Conquest map like decide what worlds and what to be...

23rd July 2008 08:07

I Tried it again and GO-To will talk to me but Hk and T3 still won't.

18th July 2008 20:07

Ok I got it to work now I've got another question, Is Admiral Ackbar supposed to be on the Constorti...

18th July 2008 20:07

i tried it that way but I couldn't get it to work. Maybe I'll try Again.

18th July 2008 19:07

I got everything in the right spot but were do you put the lua files that are in the script folder?

18th July 2008 02:07

Ok Now T3-M4, HK-47 and GO-TO won't talk to me during the game Please Help anyone

15th July 2008 23:07

Darth Cryptic;4745012Patcher used (installed last) New game started unless it's Fem Revan &...

30th December 2008 02:12

I've gotten everything to work except for the star forge sabers and agian thanks for the help

30th December 2008 21:12

What are your oppinios on the game Time Shift for Xbox-360 reason I'm asking is becuase I was wander...

21st June 2008 00:06

I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this but anyway to the question I am thinking of gett...

11th July 2009 20:07

I tried playing agian without deleting those files today and I got through to the jedi enclave so I...

14th October 2009 07:10