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Dude, it depends how big they are. Like you could run a Hilt Mod, a player mod, an d some other mod...

23rd May 2004 10:05

i might be able to do the second one but wats gib? did you mean give or something

1st June 2004 22:06

No, but I know that, but you can't change how it acts. You can't make imtoal to the force. Stuff l...

7th June 2004 09:06

is there any other good npc editors then?

5th June 2004 18:06

Hey, I love the npc tool, but I notice it does give you the freedom to create a completly custom npc...

4th June 2004 23:06

hey mobermk! You never PMed me the password I joined the ASI forums, but nobody has PMed me the pas...

3rd June 2004 09:06

Hey, this is a great mod! I'd love to join. Like I said already, but I can't do much at all. I can d...

2nd June 2004 18:06

okay i think you should use packscape its really simple, get it here just go down to the bottom paks...

2nd June 2004 09:06

what ever happened to my npc that immortal to the force

2nd June 2004 00:06

get a dismeberment mod, sometimes arms come of in exlplosions, but it's like that you need the sp so...

2nd June 2004 00:06

Hey man! I was getting a mod to do!

2nd June 2004 00:06

nope i dont get it, well I get it but I can't map

1st June 2004 20:06

Why in crap's name not? Who cares what LucasArts says? I want better SP modding!:mad: Okay an...

8th June 2004 19:06

I can do this just one question, do you want people like kyle and the other jedi, to fight you?

1st June 2004 09:06

no i can't, because i cant map for life i've tried every freaky tutorial there is probly and I still...

1st June 2004 09:06

the lab is good, the hanger...well I'm not going there and the Ammo room is not bad as well.

1st June 2004 09:06

Yeah, if people like it I'll make storyline and stuff for all the other levels, but I'm just kind of...

29th May 2004 23:05

i have, it's neat, but like I said on that thread I'm useless to what you want done.

27th May 2004 23:05

Hey, cool. You can do what ever you want. Just ask me for details on whatever you want to do.

27th May 2004 22:05

i don't have anything to do that with like no recorder on the computer and stuff or maybe i dont kno...

27th May 2004 21:05

opps forgot the attchment

27th May 2004 21:05

Hey I can't map or much for SP, but can some people help me make this. I'll need a: Animator Mappe...

27th May 2004 20:05

I thought it was a "open" mod? Then how does it have a stroy line.

7th June 2004 10:06

No, why don't you open the npc with notepad copy it and change what you want changed (differnt vehic...

9th June 2004 19:06

uh.....can you make a npc thats immortal to the force so no one can push, pull, or hurt him in any w...

27th May 2004 19:05