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Hi,guys.I am new to modding,skinning and mapping.Currently I am asking for a little bit of help.I ha...

28th July 2010 06:07

but have u ever seen ASE increasing the quality?

15th September 2010 16:09

oh....thnx alot guys....but what about .ASE converter?what is that used for?

14th September 2010 15:09

Hi all.I am currently making a model of a sword, "Master".The model is finished and skinned but it i...

14th September 2010 16:09

tags from a saber would mean "tag_blade" and "tag_parent".But do i also have to put the "tag_blade"?...

14th September 2010 18:09

oh....thnx alot but 1 question....how can i scale it acording to the Sith Sword....Gmax has a md3 im...

14th September 2010 18:09

then by which software can i open a GLM? ofcourse,other than ModView....so?

14th September 2010 19:09

I mean...how can I open a GLM?

14th September 2010 20:09

oh...:D thnx anyway.....have da link for da importer?

14th September 2010 21:09

ohh....so we can then view our model in ModView,rite?or in some other program....

14th September 2010 21:09

ooooooookk....thnx....i'll do it....PROGRESS UNDERWAY! :D

14th September 2010 23:09

but wouldnt map --> map would be alot easier and quicker? anyway, if ase increases quality, the...

15th September 2010 15:09

u havnt tried it?

15th September 2010 23:09

yea...but still it was good enough to give you a Jedi customization....u noe...the robes and all!

3rd September 2010 07:09

so ASE can not handle collisions well?

16th September 2010 00:09

so,the final outcome is that .map is "better" than ASE....ryte?

16th September 2010 00:09

oh...k,thnx alot!btw u have made maps,i dunno,but if u have made,do u consider ASE widely?

16th September 2010 00:09

Hi all.I am currently making a sword model,I have finished the model, scaled it, added the tags and...

16th September 2010 19:09

oh...but are you sure?im afraid that maybe if I dont attach them,it wont work properly...but again,i...

16th September 2010 20:09

Almighty_who?;5395911when you export, it becomes one object with multiple elements, the only thing y...

16th September 2010 20:09

like...the names of the objects and all,ryte?or is it sumthing else?

16th September 2010 21:09

yea...but the design is different.....and because the pics attached in tht tutorial arent showing up...

16th September 2010 21:09

they are in pieces..and the tags are also in their places as single objects....& I UV Mapped the...

16th September 2010 22:09

oh,kk...well thnx alot!i'll finish it up!

17th September 2010 00:09

ok....so u want to use it as dual sabers??or as a double-bladed saber?if u want to use it as a dual...

27th September 2010 04:09