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I am needing hel with a Error i have when i start up Call Of Duty. Every thing installs good and i h...

16th September 2004 09:09

lol good point but bombs look better.

17th September 2006 02:09

Okay ill try that.

13th September 2006 06:09

Do you know how he did it?

14th September 2006 22:09

Sadly i suck at adding hardpoint stuff,ive tried it befor i messed it up lol. If you could show me a...

16th September 2006 03:09

I cant think of a reason why it would give an exception,but it does not do any damage at all.

16th September 2006 07:09

I think it needs a hardpoint like the tri-droids in space do.Becuase they did not fire in space till...

16th September 2006 22:09

Hey sonic0 try makeing a luke model from ep:4 with e11 that would be a great add-on for empire at wa...

16th September 2006 22:09

Okay :)

16th September 2006 22:09

Hello any one who can skin,can you reskin a model of a normal human civillian into ep:4 luke skywal...

16th September 2006 23:09

Ya model = harder to make < skin =way easyer.

17th September 2006 01:09

Ya i know but this is ep:4 luke we are talking about,besides FOC is is going to have one with a ligh...

17th September 2006 01:09

Id go with #2 it sounds best if you could post example of how you would get it to work that would be...

17th September 2006 08:09

1.For a Vwing how would you make it fire lasers and proton torpedos,like a y-wing would? 2.For a t...

12th September 2006 05:09

Anyone know some bodey who can skin then?

18th September 2006 05:09

Dfeeds could you reskin him then when you got time?

19th September 2006 01:09

Hehe i can code it :) ive done it befor.

19th September 2006 07:09

If you would like,you could take a look at what ive done.Ive added many Clone war Units for my perso...

1st October 2006 20:10

Okay i shall just need to make a few tweaks lol, then upload it at mega upload may be an hour or so

1st October 2006 20:10

Any where else i can upload it then?

1st October 2006 20:10


1st October 2006 20:10

Okay i sent you an email it should be there.

1st October 2006 23:10

I guess i could join im not the very good codeing. I still need to learn to code hardpoints correctl...

2nd October 2006 05:10

Time to start codeing lol. perhaps it will allow you to take some models and past it onto empire at...

7th October 2006 01:10

They should have made that mistake. :p

11th October 2006 02:10