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got jarjar, and i also have 32 reborns...no lie. i run a downloads inabled server and i get everythi...

12th July 2002 14:07

I have kiss, lonestar from spaceballs, berry the giant ewok, and a wierd ass old obi wan with robes...

12th July 2002 00:07

i will host a game as soon as its up. make me a nice little pile of back-fu morons

12th July 2002 00:07

right above you. by the way, way to go raiden. many noobs will be refered to this post.

8th July 2002 16:07

Really great Lonestar skin out. Go get em, and may the schwartz give you handjobs

7th July 2002 05:07

you can't

6th July 2002 06:07

You are right. Sorry.

4th July 2002 03:07

He thinks you mean "spic"...and I think you mean "spike". but then again, I'm just a dumb "cracker".

3rd July 2002 10:07

Puppetz, Your questions depends on what type of software you intend to use for your project. Let me...

3rd July 2002 10:07

Today, a good re-reborn came out. The Plo Koon skin at massassi is a job well done. It is NOT just a...

3rd July 2002 10:07

3rd July 2002 10:07

thread bump is when someone just posts the word "bump" or a bunch of ????? to get their tread moved...

29th September 2002 05:09