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Umm i cant download the map~ ~FIRE DEITY

19th December 2006 10:12

What file?

23rd May 2007 08:05

I dont see ja+ animations but my bro does. what do i need to do to get em up?

23rd May 2007 07:05

:( really? what about a d long? a d long?

31st March 2007 20:03

here some refernce pics

31st March 2007 20:03

Im looking for a modeler to model a abyssal whip that moves any1 here can help me? ill be happen to...

31st March 2007 20:03

im not done hello it still dowsnt work.. ....:uhm:

25th December 2006 11:12

I was wonderin if somebody could make me a flame mod and attched it to my email.... like a flame mod...

19th December 2006 23:12

it says theres a missing animation file now

18th December 2006 21:12

:confused:oh okay i got it reinstalled now is says there is an missing animation file ??

18th December 2006 21:12

crud looks like i got the same error it was a bad idea doing that...... ow i cant indtall on anycomp...

18th December 2006 21:12

im downloading the game again then illl try it but im not sure if it it work did u mean install afte...

18th December 2006 20:12

ill try doing that i tryed that on a dif comp but there was an error with installing i try it on thi...

18th December 2006 20:12

can you give me the link to modveiw updated version oh and do not move o feedback last time i made a...

18th December 2006 10:12

a new copy an updated version? ;

18th December 2006 10:12

i could be your just doing it wrong i would first go to local disk :c then program files, lucasarts,...

18th December 2006 10:12

it will not let me open the model.glm file in modveiw and it says "filesystem call made without inti...

18th December 2006 10:12

is it in japlus folder?

24th May 2007 02:05