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I would, but unfortunately i cant right now =/. How about a team collab?, 1 modeler with 1 pixel gu...

19th October 2011 05:10

This one's been asked a few times, chewy in Jedi robes: Chewy in Jedi robes addon - Mod DB Spoiler...

6th February 2012 00:02

Max doesn't break stuff, the plugin does :P. The exporter for max 8 broke custom anims because it wr...

12th February 2012 00:02

I'll see if i can do the model edits, IF i do it, someone else would need to setup the single player...

1st October 2011 23:10

Or if you don't want to jump through hoops just to get a file... Star Wars Movie Duels 2 - Windows F...

3rd July 2012 20:07

All the scum and villainy hangs out here now:

14th May 2013 05:05

You should import a character from the game to match the proportions of the face and the rest of the...

26th November 2012 09:11

Devoted;5672193I'm sorry, but I ROFL'd when i saw that :rofl: Ouch, maybe you can help him out by p...

26th November 2012 00:11

Probably because i wasn't aware of that fact...

22nd October 2012 07:10

Here try this mirror: DepositFiles

22nd October 2012 01:10

It's coming along great, can't wait to see it finished!

28th August 2012 06:08

Jose Carlos;5655747We already are excited. That is some beautiful work. My only worry is how well th...

22nd August 2012 06:08

Silverfang22;5654877Anyway, that's a nice UV map, but is it all relatively the same size to each oth...

17th August 2012 04:08

How about an early design by Ralph McQuarrie? Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show More...

10th August 2012 21:08

The shapes look good, not a big fan of the toon shading but carry on.

2nd August 2012 07:08

Do you need those anims tied to all characters? Because the simplest solution i see would be to rena...

9th July 2012 08:07

Psyk0Sith got a max 5 version available here: http://psyko3d.50webs.com/tools/JK3Skeleton.zip Other...

11th June 2012 04:06

Lolz, JC is back with a vengeance!

21st February 2012 08:02

Hulk wouldn't work that good i'm afraid, being restrained by normal skeleton and all.

31st May 2012 22:05

I havent tested the model, but it looks good in that screenshot.

4th May 2012 22:05

Nice work indeed, like it a lot!

26th April 2012 22:04

I'm not the original author but i did some fixes on it: JAR_fixed.pk3 Also, to fix the double sided...

7th April 2012 03:04

Haha yeah, could use a little shading tho, seems kind of plain. Maybe try cel-shading?

29th March 2012 21:03

If you are working on characters, you need Softimage XSI or 3D studio max.

25th March 2012 05:03

Try this: Warped Productions: Tutorials and Articles

24th March 2012 11:03