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Thanks for the help w/ my other prob,but now I got a new one for u guys. When i try to play a multip...

20th May 2004 23:05

i have the same prob with long map loads. I hope someone out there can help us. please!

20th May 2004 23:05

Ok, so i downloaded the new patch, ithen i went to play it and the BattleField 1942 window came up a...

12th March 2005 17:03

i don't know quite how i did it, but i fied the problem, but thanks for replying to my message

17th March 2005 01:03

i don't know how i did it, but i fixed the problem, but thanks for trying to help, i'll probaly need...

17th March 2005 01:03

In all the U.S. maps with a battleship, its not a American one, its the British Prince of Whales, no...

17th March 2005 01:03

i just thought of this, what if the vehicals in the game (land, air and sea) all could get damage be...

17th March 2005 01:03

Whats the German destroyer in the movie U-571, I think thats the one to use

19th March 2005 18:03