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i love battlefront!

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id like a cyan light saber mod, a customiozable jedi exile race, and a sonic the hedgehog skin or/an...

19th June 2008 03:06

im wanting to know why the ajunta pall skin wont appear in my game

1st August 2008 22:08

ok. i have 3 of the skins. normal, red team, and blue team. but i dont have the ghost version and th...

3rd August 2008 03:08

:eek::eek: whoa! that looks awsome! when i learn how to make models, im going to make a darkrai, a p...

3rd August 2008 02:08

all i want to know is why the skin wont appear in my game.

2nd August 2008 02:08

please make this kind of thing for jedi academy!

2nd August 2008 02:08

oh yeah! i shoulda put this in ssbb thread! oh and is there any posible way to make this for single...

2nd August 2008 02:08

how would i do it for ajunta pall's appiration? there is 4 charictors: normal, ghost, red, and blue.

2nd August 2008 02:08

is there a skinthat is like the ajunta pall guy in kotor. i tried to download the ajunta pall skin o...

1st August 2008 21:08

pichu doesnt have to fit a ja skeliton. i can make a model of him. and how on earth do you think i c...

3rd August 2008 21:08

the emerald and fr/lg trainers arew cool, but i hate the way they put together the DP guy. that hat...

1st August 2008 20:08

if you ask you willgive them pressure! so dont ask and just wait. it will be ont before you know it....

1st August 2008 20:08

O_O you mean Blackop dosent know how to make models and skins yet?!?! this might take a while.......

1st August 2008 20:08

i have no disorderment. and is there a sith troop skin from kotor or not?

30th July 2008 04:07

yes, it is a good idea for a reskin! then you could dominate the galaxy with a pikachu dark jedi on...

30th July 2008 04:07

cdmanjak;4463165ok i know its off topic and im bound to get flamed but.... WORST BATMAN MOVIE EVOR t...

29th July 2008 02:07

www.smashbros.com - Select Language - Nintendo

29th July 2008 01:07

Kahn D'halaine;4430038Ibonek's saber is finished! Here's a link to the current build of the pack: Ka...

3rd August 2008 03:08

can the mod be like the u can always use force sence for lucario in ssbb pack? it will be like he ca...

4th August 2008 08:08

i dont know how to insert an image

29th July 2008 01:07


16th June 2009 08:06

oh, drat, well, someone could remake it right?

18th July 2009 03:07

when you get the chance, can i see some of the pics for the Sith Stalker Armor? i am antsipating for...

11th July 2009 01:07

culd you make a link to the page? i cant find the thread here.

10th July 2009 23:07

Can anyone make me a skin of theSith Stlaker Armor from The Force Unleashed? if you make it, post...

9th July 2009 00:07