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[INDENT]What is your Ultimate Saber in TSL Mines is a Double-Bladed Lightsaber [Your Name] Cryst...

24th August 2007 06:08

1. Twi'lek 2. Mandalorian 3. Mon Calamari

9th April 2009 05:04

Granyaski;4860534DUDE GAME MECHANICS cannonically he only knew Juyo EVERYTHING else is either from t...

12th April 2009 20:04

Who would u want in the leading roles in a KOTOR film if Geoge Lucas Made One Revan - Bastila Shan...

11th April 2009 01:04

Whos your Favourite Wookie Mines is Chewbacca, enough said. Zaalibar from KOTOR is ok Hanharr fro...

10th April 2009 05:04

probably right about that Fyurii Onderon is too short

10th April 2009 02:04

Considering this discussion is in KOTOR and thats based 4000 years before the Birth of the Empire s...

10th April 2009 02:04

Fact R2 hasn't any weapons, except for the electric volt thingy he used on Jabba's little pet who wa...

9th April 2009 21:04

Whos your favourite Astromech? Mines is T3-M4 He rescued the Jedi Exile from Peragus Administratio...

9th April 2009 16:04

Nar Shaddaa was crap, i hated it At least Korriban was a better planet.

9th April 2009 05:04

Kreia was Revan's Original Master - she was Arren Kae

9th April 2009 04:04

R2's language is called Droidspeak

13th April 2009 06:04

IG-88 was taken out by a single blaster shot by Dash Rendar Some droid he was

9th April 2009 04:04

The Jedi Exile knew at least 7 forms Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Force Channel Guardian - Ataru, Sh...

9th April 2009 04:04

Alpha 77;4857483Here are some pics but there many more armors the mod also replace all mandalorian's...

9th April 2009 03:04

will try it

8th April 2009 18:04

Lightsaber i use a double lightsaber with red Crystal. Modified with Personal Crystal, Damnd Cryst...

8th April 2009 18:04

Darth Revan/Darth Malak for Sith Lords Kavar/Atris for Jedi Masters

8th April 2009 18:04

I agree with u Seikan :nodding: Seikan;4833388i seen that there is two mods to put the mandalore th...

6th April 2009 06:04

Tomb Raider Games are Rubbish, its just a busty female Indiana Jones. Theres never any storylines...

6th April 2009 06:04

The Info i got was from Wookiepedia

6th April 2009 06:04

Andreas Katsulas was the voice of Davrik Kang in KOTOR, but he died in 2005

13th April 2009 06:04

YouTube - Kitiara - Caramelldansen! does anyone recognise any of the mods in this video if u do wh...

19th April 2009 17:04

Canonicly Revan knew Niman/Jar'Kai as well as Juyo

6th April 2009 05:04

i was saying welcome back to Dracon lets get back on topic before i start feeding u guys to my pet...

12th June 2009 03:06