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The -]BW[- (BlackWater) clan is currently recruiting. We need more players to enter in leagues. We d...

18th October 2004 03:10

this needs work too, could be a nice complement for the emerging clone wars mods around

11th December 2009 06:12

Is there in BF2?? I never see it!!!!!! :) maybe 'cos I just play a few levels :p

21st January 2009 06:01

Quick update! Spoiler: Show Cockpit added

21st January 2009 10:01

Gir_teh_Almighteh;4776373hey man i like it. good clean mesh. a couple of wasted polies here or there...

22nd January 2009 00:01

Interesting model! I necer played any KOTOR, but this model sees very good comparing with the screen...

26th January 2009 05:01

Did you model this for the JKA? I mean, looks so high polygon.... :|

30th January 2009 00:01

Nice model, I had an unfinished model of this character, and intended to post here after mi Anakin m...

3rd February 2009 09:02

Jose Carlos;4792117Please do. This is the first one to ever give me trouble. Every other system be...

7th February 2009 13:02

Is there anyone interested to finish this model? I have a problem with my pc, so I can't done this....

7th April 2009 00:04

wow, I have problems finishing things :p

11th December 2009 06:12

I'm agree with u Nozyspy, wow, Im' back from a long time away, and not from a far, far galaxy... I w...

11th December 2009 06:12

Thought this wasen't finished too...isn't it?

11th December 2009 06:12

Was hoping to have some ilustrative directions in that respect

12th December 2009 00:12

Since my friend have'nt send me the skin of the Anakin TCW model I tried to model this vehicle to no...

20th January 2009 10:01

and how I achieve that? I want to use this model ingame :) at least

12th December 2009 00:12

Last Wish;5165762You uvw map it and skin it. Fantastic! you are a genius I'm asking how to do tha...

12th December 2009 01:12

General Jaxun;5165794This is really REALLY cool. Even though there IS a V-19 out there already, that...

12th December 2009 01:12

But since itsirritating somoones, lol what make me lagugh, I decided to finish it with the tutorials...

13th December 2009 09:12

Thanks, this is helping me a lot, I'll try them on the other uninished model, by now I'm on this 1 :...

13th December 2009 09:12

Yeah! Thanks a lot Xu'an, this should rock!!!!!!!!!

13th December 2009 15:12

so I must stop skining it using the UVmap provided? I din't understand..

14th December 2009 07:12

Ok, thanks, and let me know when he has the uvmap. :p

15th December 2009 07:12

I have the same problem tried your solutions and doesn't works, using a ati hd4650 1gb vram 4gb of r...

20th July 2010 23:07

I had the same issue: windows 7 radeoon 4650 hd, so I changed to windows xp and now I even had the...

26th July 2010 02:07