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minilogoguy18;4731442its topology is bad from what i can tell in the pics, the buttocks definately n...

20th December 2008 01:12

Mikouen;4733079You're done with being called out over retaliatory response to criticism? Criticism...

20th December 2008 22:12

Did someone had the *.glm plug-in importer for 3dsmax 2009? now I can't edit without thisone

27th December 2008 11:12

lol, I like it!!!!!

27th December 2008 11:12

Inyri Forge;4742445I doubt there is a *.glm import plugin for 3ds max 2009. You don't need one if yo...

27th December 2008 12:12

Excelent, now it works! Thanks

29th July 2010 07:07