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Yeah if you beta testers don't fill our desire for screens, we will eat your children. ...jk... If...

28th May 2003 05:05

I think that is quite a good idea. Thought about it but then thought that ski troops took their skis...

23rd May 2003 09:05

* heads off to the website.

20th May 2003 07:05

damn edit button. how many renders was that? 50, 75, 600? damn! :dropsjar:

12th May 2003 04:05

I'm pretty sure that Snerdley did one a while ago, remember him having trouble with the floaters

20th May 2003 01:05

You might have been talking to a certain RaXor, I think he is fh's biggest fan but he does act jealo...

20th May 2003 01:05

the thing about mortars is that they aren't that cool without an animation. Watching those dc soldi...

18th May 2003 09:05

I think it is great! make sure though that it isn't a very large map, no one likes huge ass maps.

17th May 2003 08:05

I'd like to see some vicious urban fighting like stalingrad but even worse. Having no vehicles would...

16th May 2003 09:05

they did

15th May 2003 07:05

I think the greek army would be nice but fh has a lot of things for the other countries that need to...

14th May 2003 05:05

Look at bush's book

13th May 2003 08:05

Coolguy lui, aime fourrer les chiens jk;)

12th May 2003 04:05

Although we have our differences I think some devs from both FH and BGF wouldn't mind a merger. It...

4th May 2007 17:05