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Lobo;4121524Not when my BAR supress your ass out of Europe =p Zomg!!! Europe is next!!111 Normandy...

30th December 2007 12:12

They're plotting to never have another update again. We must fight back by bitching more! They're...

27th February 2008 11:02

I'll give him a week.

11th March 2008 10:03

My buds and I are gonna make a bus called the Shit Talk Express and head straight down to Pasadena.

9th March 2008 07:03

I knew it. Listen to me: No good dead goes unpunished. Any unilateral or gratuitous display of gen...

7th March 2008 08:03

Bullet drop? I dunno know, I've never used it.

7th March 2008 06:03

The self-pity is just a ploy. Once we'd free him, he'd start wacking off constantly again.

7th March 2008 06:03

I've never used the anti-tank rifles because I prefer not to be banging my head on my keyboards duri...

6th March 2008 07:03

Gazala, boy was I off. Great update anyway, can't wait for the patch.

6th March 2008 07:03

lolz guyz it'z obviously teh maus!!!111 5$ on Kasserine Pass and American models.

6th March 2008 06:03

Score! A movie about World War 1, finally. Really hope it makes a release in the States.

5th March 2008 04:03

You, sir, are rude, unpleasant, disrespectful and ungrateful. How dare you call 2 and a half years...

3rd March 2008 06:03

I just watched the trailer and well I don't know. On one hand it actually looks a little bit fun...

3rd March 2008 03:03

How about this: "Can implies if you are able to do something. May implies if you have permissio...

2nd March 2008 11:03

I'm pretty sure it's impossible. It would blow your computer anyway if it was possible.

24th February 2008 02:02

Jum is right on about the differences in regional dialects in the South. I drove through VA, NC, SC,...

16th March 2008 07:03

Damn, I bought nachos, salsa and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew for nothing.

18th February 2008 12:02

Tick Tock tick tock.

18th February 2008 11:02

No one better tape the hanging with their cell phone and put it on youtube.

18th February 2008 11:02

I say as the hungry warmongering FH'ers we are we should annex The Babe Forum and the other needless...

17th February 2008 08:02

Who Flung Poo is right we pwnzed your commie spamming asses. But for now brothers. We drink!

17th February 2008 08:02

If it's Normandy, then I'll be waiting kindly in my concrete bunker with my MG 42 on it's tri-pod. S...

17th February 2008 08:02

The spammers would bomb it, like they did to our FH maternity ward and our FH nursery.

17th February 2008 06:02

FH bump.

17th February 2008 06:02


17th February 2008 06:02