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Mister Airix can you make a Sig for me, I'm not so good at the thing with pictures. On the signatu...

7th July 2003 16:07

Thx guys the new thread is ready to go

6th October 2003 17:10

A speciaal sig for a speciaal friend :bows: :bows:

12th November 2003 22:11

Damm iam getting so tired. this is the second time WHY i make sig for you guys. ;r ;r

10th November 2003 22:11

hey can i have a sig with a DesertCombat theme.. doesnt matter whats on it.. im new at this so pleas...

4th November 2003 03:11

oke my first sig is don when is the contest starting??

7th October 2003 17:10

Thx again guys for the feedback

7th October 2003 12:10

Whoehaaaaa :fistpunch: Medic!!!

6th October 2003 17:10

WTF is that PVT_zab you stoll my sig!!!!! were are the credits?

6th October 2003 17:10

Wil do nuk glad to be back :frog:

6th October 2003 17:10

Hi guys how life still alife en kicking :beer:

12th March 2004 21:03

I made this sig for the clan members of Desert Rabbits (my new clan)

6th October 2003 16:10

I made this sig for the clan members of Desert Rabbits (my new clan)

6th October 2003 16:10

Hahaha i think so wen is the contest starting?

6th October 2003 16:10

HEELLLLOOOOOOOO guys look ho is back you bro's miss me I'no it's a long time no see but i'am back...

6th October 2003 15:10

Hi guys, Well here iam again miss me hahah oke i'no its a long time no see but iam back this time f...

6th October 2003 15:10

Thx guys for all the nice words :thumbsup: iam very buzzy at the moment iam making a spooks skin mo...

18th September 2003 17:09

Will do bro's only iam at the moment a little buzzy at so work :mad:

12th September 2003 15:09

Oke fun time is over let's get back to work DC2002 your next :)

13th November 2003 05:11

hahahh hi guys

15th March 2004 16:03

Thx man :bows: Oke guys i have some great news iam a new memeber of the clan Desert Rabbits so i...

10th September 2003 19:09

Oke bro here is a update what do yah think is this one better or still no go and a net?? explain

19th March 2004 20:03

Can a help????? is there a sig problem hahahahaa

1st June 2004 16:06

nice i like 8/10 it is time for some new sig's :nodding:

29th March 2004 16:03

kijk aan nog een nederlander hier mooie sig 8/10

25th March 2004 01:03