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:wave: happend to me but now its fine

19th September 2004 16:09

hmmm so some one could just combine an ork head with a nid body and he could still enter it? sounds...

24th November 2006 03:11

buy ghazgul(spelling) and convert him so he is just a warboss in mega armour it looks so friggen co...

23rd November 2006 13:11

they arnt mexican its spanish cos it sais es for spain. dar!

23rd November 2006 13:11

aaaaahhhh i get your right:)

23rd November 2006 15:11

^ hay thats sweet

23rd November 2006 17:11

oh hell yeah. i shale enter!

23rd November 2006 17:11

Spider149;3378929No, most of the US fleet is nuclear-powered. That leads to lots of problems with th...

24th November 2006 03:11

maby hes a pedo...................... i live near gympie :-O! please mr pedo, dont touch me!

24th November 2006 15:11

MaximillianWeisemann;3382795FINALLY! After 4 weeks and 3 days of patient waiting, my Death Korps of...

25th November 2006 04:11

fucken retartds, i supose im jsut as bad as them, i had around 10,000+ friends but thats because im...

25th November 2006 13:11

hay who deleted my post :(

25th November 2006 13:11

thats so creepy, when he done those shoudler extentions and shit, and the untye the knot thing. that...

25th November 2006 21:11

okay, lets make this the thread related to paintball disuction, post pics of your markers (GUN), tal...

23rd November 2006 13:11

i like the kroot they eat things!!! lol

26th November 2006 06:11

i have 1 more picture, accept the pic is a bit small, yet a bit graphic. by that i mean u can see b...

22nd November 2006 10:11

welll i asked a friend who recently talked to her sister and he saiid that -She is still in a comber...

20th November 2006 11:11

well i was walking along, with 3 girls laughing behind me, one of them promted to ym friend and told...

21st November 2006 02:11

school is okay, i go i sit i listen to my music, i eat my lunch, the repeat again, then i get on my...

21st November 2006 10:11

once again he proably wont have a quick recovery but the good thing is he got to come home today(for...

21st November 2006 11:11

well i got some more news. There doing skin graphing because theres basicaly no skin on her feet....

21st November 2006 20:11

i hope to. oh and i found out she has no brain damage and the cobma wasnt from like hititng her head...

22nd November 2006 00:11

hahahah thats sweet, yet bad. sucks to be him

22nd November 2006 11:11

wow good work mate did u use forge world stuff as one has a shot gun!

23rd November 2006 12:11

strange i like the second one it sort of made me laugh (hardly) first ones crap

22nd November 2006 12:11