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Tried blocking when you watch the enemies?

25th January 2008 17:01

kennyboy000;4140135The website says .Be does that mean you're from Belgium Alexander? :D Sweden, Bel...

19th January 2008 08:01

kennyboy000;4149867SP SDK? :o Whats that?! Yeah,I mean..This game is the pwnage..Why abandon it?! Th...

19th January 2008 08:01

If it's to any comfort they are really expensive now.

25th January 2008 17:01

Erased;4023005I played the demo of it and it was pretty boring, and its and excact Battlefield 2142...

25th January 2008 17:01

matt9862;4172098You sure can. This is a Guest Pass which is basically the same thing, but by 'referr...

25th January 2008 17:01

did you try updating your drivers? is it the steam or the standalone version? xp or vista?

2nd January 2008 04:01

"MP Patch 1.04 Notes"SDK This patch contains everything users require to create maps for the multip...

7th April 2008 04:04

FireV;4137391Question two is pretty easy to answer. Dark Messiah's community is pretty much dead, es...

12th January 2008 06:01

n88tr;3984521Yeah, I think QW looks to BF to me. I played the UT3 beta and LOVED it so I think I'll...

2nd January 2008 04:01

They could just rip the story from System Shock to complete it :-)

7th April 2008 05:04

Tried using Steam?

14th August 2007 17:08

You can only use the CDKEY with ONE Steam account.

14th August 2007 17:08

Ask your local sysadmin for a small application that polls a database (say MySQL for a example)... A...

20th August 2007 18:08

I really really enjoy the map :) Ever since B2

19th September 2007 18:09

Tried deleting the file friendsUI.dll and letting Steam re-download it? It seems as if it has been c...

25th September 2007 13:09

at the moment it uses simpleXML + GD (PHP) Because of the lack of images, the demo I'm hosting curre...

22nd October 2007 08:10

DungeonKeeper;4036283i am intrested :D :deal: - Apply to Volunteer

2nd January 2008 04:01

Tried waiting until it's done? Takes me about 4 minutes :p (but then again, my PC is really bad) And...

25th October 2007 03:10

Soon a vote will be held for the Clan of the Year :) So now is the time to nominate YOUR favorite c...

15th November 2007 06:11

one could just make a replacement model for the Sword(s) :) tweak the damage a little...

22nd November 2007 22:11

To those lazybones who forgot to nominate a clan, it is now too late. Vote is up and running :)

7th December 2007 02:12

rebornintheglory;4102103Book isn't though. He's boring. I'm boring but there too! :D

19th December 2007 07:12

and for those of you who want to take a peak from the outside, sorc got a webcast too :) PHPTS2 View...

19th December 2007 07:12

the shed loves bread

2nd January 2008 04:01