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how do you compile in gtk radiant 1.4.0?

4th May 2007 07:05

turrets! reason: you can build hundreds of them O.o

2nd September 2007 07:09

bman as i said army painter was one of the ten best things about dow

7th September 2007 18:09

@bman: ugh i think everyone think its good with there own chapter creations, army painter is one thi...

6th September 2007 13:09

okay i like everything out of the hq system, dow is going to use the current kind of system

5th September 2007 17:09

why didnt you take normal terminator in too???? :(

4th September 2007 16:09

ugh sm commander reason: he can just use orbital bombardement on another commander then start to mel...

4th September 2007 13:09

actually they are all better than another in a way

3rd September 2007 16:09

lol nice new sig smede... and also ork pop 200?!?!??!?! isnt it enough with 100 for orks????

2nd September 2007 15:09

no you cant

2nd September 2007 15:09

not unstoppable, like if your entire army is made of (this time chaos) chaos marines, obliterators,...

2nd September 2007 15:09

Do Someone Think They Can Make An Model For Me?, What I Want Is An Force Commander In Terminator Arm...

2nd September 2007 15:09

lol exoskeleton, and also i think you should remove some off-topicness in this thread admin/staff/mo...

2nd September 2007 11:09

still you can have an super big base and then build many turrets and your defence will be unstoppabl...

2nd September 2007 10:09

Back On Topic (man i made first letter of all those words with big letter O.o) _________________...

1st September 2007 20:09

if you dont know what i mean seek up someone who knows what i mean, for example me!!!!!!!!!!!

7th September 2007 20:09

lol exoskeleton chill out, some staffs/admins are badder than other, ruley here are one of the good...

1st September 2007 18:09

wtf is adeptus Custodes?

1st September 2007 17:09

ugh hmmm..... what about an demon prince head with chaotic color background?

1st September 2007 12:09

i said that you can make it without the light

1st September 2007 10:09

well admins and moderators have always been a little shity in a way or another when they get really...

1st September 2007 09:09

Ruley;3894645u can use gif's for avatars, so i duno what ur problem is :l my problem is: its to big...

1st September 2007 09:09

yeah its enough (thought i would still have liked it with the same effects as your avatar, tis just...

1st September 2007 08:09

i would want that too, and that it should be customizationable, like taking away the tabard/side bag...

1st September 2007 07:09

:) then it will be soon for technicaly one year with an rofling smilie means 10 hours at the most...

1st September 2007 07:09